Unwanted autocorrections

Sometimes, due to interaction between Fade In, the dictionary used for the document, and the way something is typed, it may be "autocorrected" incorrectly, i.e., changed to something unintended (if autocorrection is enabled under Preferences > Editing). There are a couple of ways to prevent this.

1. Add the word or sequence that should not be corrected to the global dictionary under Document > Check Spelling. For instance, if you find that a particular sequence of letters and/or punctuation is being incorrectly changed to something else, you can add that sequence to the global dictionary. (The global dictionary applies to all documents in Fade In.)

2. You can simply Edit > Undo after an unwanted autocorrection, as it will undo the correction and leave the text as originally typed.

(3. You can also turn off autocorrection under Preferences > Editing, but that will disable it entirely, and for all documents.)


Tags: dictionaries, spelling

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