What is the refund policy?

Obviously the hope is that you'll be totally satisfied with the software, and every effort will be made to address any issue or difficulty you're encountering.

If, however, you require a refund, purchases made directly through the Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software website can generally be refunded the same way the purchase was originally handled, through the third-party payment processor via the original method of payment, within 14 days of purchase.

In such a case, the registration information for that copy of the software will be cancelled and the personalized download link for the software will be deauthorized. It will no longer be possible to download, register, or update that copy of the software.

Purchases made through the Mac App Store, the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Amazon App Store, or any other third party vendor are subject to their respective refund policies. You will need to contact their customer support in order to inquire about the terms and conditions for a refund. (These stores generally do not allow individual developers access to transaction information, so Fade In cannot issue a refund on their behalf.)


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