Installing the full version

(The following applies to users who purchased the full version from the website.)

1. At purchase time, you received an email with your username, registration key, and personalized download link. Make sure you've downloaded the full version installer from your personalized download link. (Please note that the free downloadable demo page explicitly says for paid users not to download the demo. Use your personalized download link instead.)

2. Install the full version of the software on your computer.

3. Once you've installed the full version, open it and select the Help menu, then Register.

4. In the Register window, enter your username and registration key, then click the Register button.

5. You should receive a message that your copy of Fade In has been successfully registered. If you do not, please double-check to make sure that your username and registration key have been entered exactly as given in the email, including all capitalization, punctuation, etc. Copying and pasting may help to ensure this.

For additional installation information, please see:

Installing on Windows

Installing on Mac

Installing on Linux


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