Why are Fade In Mobile's page numbers approximate?

Fade In Mobile's page numbers are approximate/estimated.  The option to display them is currently marked "Experimental" as of version 1.2.395.

The reason for this is that the mobile version is specifically designed to be able to display screenplay-type formatting on any device, regardless of the font size, pixel dimensions, or aspect ratio.

Fade In Mobile attempts to estimate the approximate page number based on the current position and page size of the document (which defaults to 8.5" x 11", or US Letter, and can be changed in the desktop application).  Depending on the device, display font size, orientation, and density of text compared to a standard baseline screenplay, the estimation may be more or less accurate.  For instance, an iPhone in portrait (vertical) orientation may report a lower page count then an iPad in landscape (horizontal).

Estimated page numbers are primarily useful for those users who wish to have an approximate idea of where a particular scene, etc. is in the screenplay in terms of pages.  If in any case they are too inaccurate to use for a particular document or configuration, they can be turned off in the settings.

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