Printing a page range or selection

When you choose File > Print, you will see Fade In's own Print dialog, which allows you to specify a variety of screenplay-specific output options, including revision colors, pages only for a certain character or scene, and others including the desired page range(s).

The page range is where you can specify screenplay page numbers such as 100A and A101B, which normally a print dialog wouldn't be able to handle because (a) the system print dialog generally accepts only simply integer numbers such as 100 and 101, and (b) the system print dialog has no idea about screenplay structure in order to construct a range out of something like "4A, 5-10B".

Once you select OK in Fade In's Print dialog, you'll see the system print dialog (i.e., the familiar one that appears when printing a document from most application).

You should not change the page range in the system print dialog. If you are, for instance, specifying the range "4A, 5-10B", Fade In will determine how many pages that is and report that to the system printing subsystem. (Let's say in this example that amounts to 9 pages in total.) The system print dialog will, depending on your system and settings, show either "All pages" or "1-9" as the range to be printed. This is fine; all the system knows is that the application is sending it 9 pages to print, and it's going to print all of them.

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