Bad formatting/punctuation alignment on Windows

If you are seeing misalignment of formatting (such as bold and italics) or of punctuation (such as the parentheses before and after a Parenthetical element), please check to see if you're using the stock "Courier" font on Windows.

For a number of reasons, that stock system Courier is a terrible font. It is known to be problematic for scaling and rendering.

(Technically it's known as COURIER.FON, and is a [very] old-style, non-TrueType font.)

It is recommended to use one of the dedicated screenplay Courier fonts such as Courier Screenplay or Courier Prime, both of which are available from on the Download page under “Extras”. 

You can change the font for the current document under Document > Change Document Font, and the default font for new documents under Preferences > General.

Tags: courier, fonts, windows

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