Syncing using a cloud storage service

You can sync your work to a cloud storage service for access from, for instance, another computer, your mobile device, etc.

(Services supported by Fade In Mobile are Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Fade In Mobile for iOS also supports iCloud.)

On your computer, generally you can use either the web interface for the cloud service or a synced folder. Any changes made in the folder automatically synced with the online/cloud version. For Dropbox or Google Drive (or OneDrive on Mac) you'll need to install the additional client software from the respective website to have it do this. When using the web interface for a service, you'll need to manually to sync a file, usually by dragging it from your computer into the web browser window (or vice versa).

(On Fade In Mobile, you'll need to import/export from the cloud service in order to sync.)

For more information on both locally synced folders and web interfaces for each cloud services, please see:


Google Drive:


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