Can I use Fade In on a Chromebook?

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2019-11-06 07:56

Fade In does not run directly on Chrome OS on a Chromebook at the moment. (Chrome OS is essentially an operating system where the Chrome web browser functions as the user interface, and applications run as Chrome apps within that browser interface.)

There are several approaches that can be tried, however:

1. The best option is called "Project Crostini", which allows running Linux on (some, but an increasing number of) Chromebooks. This has been used by some users to run the Linux version of Fade In. A third-party getting-started guide is here.

2. Some users have also run the Linux version of Fade In on x86 Chromebooks via, for instance, Ubuntu and crouton.

3. On x86 Chromebooks that run Android apps, it may be possible to use Crossover to run the Windows version of Fade In.

In any case, you can try it out with the free downloadable demo version of Fade In before purchasing.


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