How to type accents

Fade In Administrator
2020-06-25 03:25

Typing accents depends on the platform you're using. For more information see here:

Windows: You can bring up the Character Map utility and select the accented characters to copy and paste into your Fade In document. You can alternately type the characters directly using Alt+0nnn, where nnn is the numeric code as per

Mac: Use the Keyboard and Character Viewer from Language & Text preferences to find the accented characters you want. You can alternately type the characters directly using the Option+letter keystroke for a particular character. Note that some accents are produced using a two-keystroke combination. For instance, to type an "ñ", you would first type Option+N (to indicate a tilde ("~"), then N again.  To type "õ", you would type Option+N, then O.To type "é", first type Option+E (for "´"), then E. More combinations are here:

Linux: Depending on your distribution, you may have a character map or equivalent utility, that you can use to find and copy/paste the desired characters into your Fade In document.

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