How to cheat or adjust page and line length

There are a number of things that you can do to adjust (or cheat) page and line length.

1. Use Format > Adjust Line Length and either adjust individual line(s) or automatically adjust all lines within a certain threshold to pull up words that just bump down to the next line. This will have the affect of removing some lines that just have a single word on them.

2. Use Page Layout > Element Spacing to adjust the spacing between elements. Tightening that spacing a little is fairly unnoticeable.

3. Use Page Layout > Line Spacing to adjust line spacing overall. Tightening line spacing can be more noticeable and is probably the most visually conspicuous method of “cheating” to shorten a script.

4. Use Page Layout > Margins to make a (small) adjustment to the page margins.


Tags: line length, page count

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