Keeping documents when upgrading from Fade In Mobile Free to Fade In Mobile

Fade In Administrator
2014-06-16 17:04

Here are the (detailed) instructions for transferring your documents from Fade In Mobile Free to the paid version of Fade In Mobile:

1. Sign up for a Dropbox account ( if you haven’t already.

2. Tap the Dropbox icon in Fade In Mobile Free to connect to your Dropbox account.

3. Tap the arrow beside your screenplay in Fade In Mobile Free to export to your Dropbox account.

4. Verify (either at, or on your computer if you have the Dropbox client installed) that your screenplay has been exported to the “Fade In” subfolder of your Dropbox folder.

5. Install Fade In Mobile (paid version) on your device, and connect it to your Dropbox account as in #2.

6. Tab the Dropbox icon to get a list of your Fade In documents. You should see your screenplay(s) there. Tap one to import it to Fade In Mobile on your device.

Once you’ve verified that things are transferred correctly to Fade In Mobile, you can delete the free version.