I get a warning about fonts not being loaded when saving as PDF

It is possible when using Save As PDF that some fonts may not be properly loaded by the PDF subsystem properly. This can happen for a number of reasons, the main one being that only TrueType, OpenType and PDF fonts can be embedded in the PDF document.

On Mac OS X, unsupported formats include the Mac-only .dfont format that Apple used to package fonts in for OS X but has since moved away from since OS 10.6 (although some .dfont fonts may still be present). Also unsupported is the even-older "font suitcase" format, a holdover from the old OS 9. An example of a font in the "font suitcase" format is Courier Final Draft in Final Draft version 8 and earlier. You can still save documents with these fonts as PDF using OS X's Print function, which includes the capability to save as PDF.

The recommendation is to update any non-supported fonts to supported ones.

Tags: fonts, mac, pdf

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