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Feature comparison

  Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Final Draft 10 Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 Celtx
Regular Price $79.95 $249.95 to $299.95 $169.95 to $249.95 $180/year to
Version upgrades Free updates $99.95 $99.95 (subscription)
Windows version Yes Yes Yes Web browser
Mac version Yes Yes Yes Web browser
Linux version Yes No No Web browser
iPhone/iPad app available Yes Yes ($30) No Yes
Android app available
Yes No No Yes
WYSIWYG* editing Yes Yes Yes No
Collaboration Yes Limited Limited Limited
Unicode support
Image support Yes No No No
Modify element styles Yes Yes Yes No
Custom formatting Yes Yes Yes No
Text highlighting Yes Yes Yes No
Auto line adjustment Yes No Yes No
More and Continued Yes Yes Yes Printing only
Scene versions Yes No No No
Alt elements Yes Dialogue only No No
Extract and join pages Yes No No No
Revision page colors Yes Yes Yes No
Scene number locking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Page number locking Yes Yes Yes No
Dual dialogue Yes Non-editable Printing only Printing only
Multiple columns Yes No No No
Dialogue tuner Yes No No No
Change character names Yes Yes Yes No
Thesaurus Yes Yes Windows only No
Bookmarks and links Yes No Bookmarks No
Customizable navigator Yes Yes Yes No
Scene timing Yes No No No
Full-screen mode Yes Mac only No No
Focused editing mode Yes No No No
Session statistics Yes No No No
Open Screenplay Format Yes No No No
Final Draft support Yes Yes No No
Adobe Story support Yes No No No
PDF export Yes Yes Yes Online only
EPUB export Yes No No No
Fountain support Yes No No No
HTML support Yes No No No
Scrivener support Yes No No No
Batch watermarking Yes No No No
Television templates Yes Yes Yes No
Compare versions Yes Yes Yes No
Check script for errors Yes Yes Yes No
HTML report output Yes Yes Yes No
CSV report output Yes No No No
Custom key shortcuts Yes No No No
Native application Yes Yes Yes No
Optional cloud storage Yes No No Yes