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Comparing Prices

Let's take a look at the total cost of owning Fade In for vs. owning Final Draft for, say, four years, including keeping it up to date.

The Cost of Owning Final Draft

The regular price for purchasing Final Draft directly from the company website is $249.99. (Although you can spend up to $300 buying it from somewhere else like Amazon.) In the past four years (as of this writing), Final Draft has released two updates, Version 9 and Version 10. Each update has cost an additional $99.99.

That's a cost of purchasing Final Draft plus two updates of: $249.99 + $99.99 + $99.99 = $449.97

What about Fade In?

The regular price for Fade In is $79.95. And updates are free, and there are a bunch of them every year.

So the cost of owning Fade In for that same period of time and keeping it up to date is: $79.95. That's it.

That's less than 1/3 the cost of Final Draft. That's even less than the cost of a single Final Draft update.

Now. Which would you rather pay? Click here to buy Fade In today.