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Installing Additional Fonts

To install additional fonts for Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software, download the appropriate file(s) from one of the listed sources and extract/unzip the downloaded package.

(Normally, depending on your operating system, you can extract a zip package by double-clicking on it, or by right-clicking and choosing the option to extract.)


Right-click each *.ttf file and select "Install". Repeat for each *.ttf file in the font family. You can also double-click the *.ttf file to open the Font Viewer, then click "Install".


Double-click each *.ttf font file. The Font Book application will open. Click "Install Font". Repeat this for each *.ttf file in the font family. Fonts will be installed to ~/Library/Fonts/.


Copy all *.ttf files to the appropriate directory, such as /usr/share/fonts/truetype or ~/.fonts. Execute "fc-cache -fv" to refresh the font cache.