How does realtime collaboration work?

Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software offers session-based real-time collaboration.

What that means is that two or more collaborators can share an editing session where they can work on the same document, see what other collaborators are doing, and communicate using the in-application chat system.

One user — let's call them User #1 — will choose Collaborate > Start Collaboration. Fade In will connect to the collaboration server and start a collaboration session. It will give User #1 a session ID to provide to any other collaborator(s), whether by email or instant message or any other means.

User #2 will then, having received that session ID, enter it under Collaborate > Join Collaboration.

Both users will then be working in the same document. While each will be prompted to save the local copy of the collaboration session document, any changes made in their copy will be sent to the other(s), and vice versa.

Note that Fade In by design does not save a persistent copy of your work on any sort of proprietary cloud server, and collaboration sessions are — as the name says — for that session only: once all users leave the session, it is ended.

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